Welcome to the Friendly Garden Daycare
       The Friendly Garden Daycare is a family owned, operated, and oriented daycare focused on providing friendly, quality child care in a comfortable, familiar environment. Our emphasis on keeping our daycare small and close knit underscores one of our main goals, which is to help give children a smooth, effortless social and emotional transition in their shift from home to daycare. 
      Here at the Friendly Garden Daycare, children, parents, and providers are all considered an important part of the Friendly Garden Family. Most of our enrollees have been part of our family since infancy, and it has been our great pleasure to actively play a part in their growth and development.
       The Friendly Garden Daycare offers parents the comfort that comes with the knowledge that their children are not just part of our daycare, they are part of our Friendly Garden Family.

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This institution is an equal opportunity provider