Activities & Programs
        Science Garden is one of the Friendly Garden Daycare's most exciting activities. Children are able grow and maintain their very own vegetable plot on our Friendly Garden, all the while gaining important scientific insight on the how nature and the world around them works. As they garden, they’ll learn about different seasons and how they determine which types of plants can grow as well as how vital the sun, water, and soil are for plants. Furthermore, our daycare children learn the joy that comes from responsibly caring for a seedling as it matures into a vegetable, while gaining numerous social skills and virtues including interpersonal communication, teamwork, care and patience. Best of all, they get to take home the vegetables they worked so hard to grow and enjoy it with parents, family, and friends. 
     Our Math Readiness Program is tailored for Toddler to Pre-Kindergarten Age Children. The program is meant to prepare children for kindergarten math by engaging them in activities that will impart the mathematical skills necessary to flourish in grade school classes. The Friendly Garden’s Math Readiness Program will help enrollees recognize the natural numbers one through ten, order items using the ordinal number system (i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc…), classify items based on shape, size, and color, and identify common shapes.
Math Readiness Program
      Story Time is a relaxing and educational time for our enrollees. As they sit in their favorite bean bag chairs, we read from their favorite story books, which include The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, The ABC Bunny by Wanda Ga’g, and Circles, Triangles, and Squares by Tana Hoban among many others. Story Time is essential to teaching our children the basic components of story structure, cause and effect, word recognition, and how to recognize and understand stories’ main themes and morals. 
Story Time


        Music and Rhyme are important mnemonic tools for forming memories and retaining information. During Rhyme Time, children will utilize music and rhyme to learn the alphabet as well as important animal names, numbers, and common rhymes and songs.  
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